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Fat burning foods that will help you lose weight fast!

We’d all like to shed a few pounds for summer, but diets can be hard to stick to – not to mention very dull if you’re stuck eating the same salad every day. Who wants to restrict themselves like that?!

But, by adding these fat burning foods into your diet, they will not only help you lose weight, but they will also speed up your metabolism so you keep the weight off, for good! Plus it’s the easiest way to drop a dress size without even trying and without any strict diet rules! Simply add a few of these magic fat burning foods into your daily diet and you should  soon see results.

Avocados, watermelon, lentils and almonds are all tasty treats that feature in our list of fat burning foods, so sticking to this healthy eating plan doesn’t require you to skimp on taste. Get them on your shopping list, pronto!

fat burning foods avocado

Fat burning foods like avocados are great to add into your diet and they taste great too!

Look below to see our list of the foods to incorporate into your weekly that will help you lose weight this summer.

Fab fat burning foods to add to your diet today:

Mustard 1/24


Whether your squeezing over a hot dog or adding it to a salad dressing, mustard can provide that hot peppery finishing hit to a variety of meals.
And now as well as making our meals taste a whole lot better nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville has also argued that adding mustard to you meals – in moderation – could help you burn a whopping 16% more fat.
And it’s all down to a metabolism-boosting ingredient called capsaicin.
Dr Marilyn said: “The capsaicin’s heat may help with a process called thermogenesis where your body can convert fat into heat, so helps to burn more fat, which aids to weight loss.

“Including thermogenic ingredients in your diet may boost your metabolism by up to 5 percent, and increase fat burning by up to 16 percent.

“If you are buying ready-made mustard make sure that it does not contain sugar as this is going to be counterproductive for your weight.”

Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

Beans, peas and chickpeas 2/24

Beans, peas and chickpeas

Researchers from St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada, have found that eating around 130g of beans, peas or chickpeas a day can not only help you lose weight, but also help lower high cholesterol.

Gin 3/24


We love a G&T, but we suspected our favourite tipple is likely to make us gain weight, not lose it. Well apparently, we were wrong. Okay, sugary tonics don’t do us much good, but a shot of gin can actually speed up your metabolism and help your body burn fat quicker. Researchers from the University of Sigulda in Latvia have revealed that gin can cause an ‘after burn’ effect, which boosts your body’s calorie-burning potential.

Turmeric 4/24


Last year saw turmeric become an increasingly popular household spice, but it really looks set to explode in 2017 thanks to the healthy compound curcumin it contains. Not only is it great for weight loss, it will give your hair and skin a boost.

Coconut sugar 5/24

Coconut sugar

Coconut sugar offers more vitamins and minerals that white sugar, as well as added iron and zinc. And it’s much lower in cals too!

Apple cider vinegar 6/24

Apple cider vinegar

Victoria Becham’s go-to home remedy for good gut health, the mother-of-four revealed that she drinks two tablespoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar every morning. While the acetic acid in vinegar may help reduce fat production and improve blood cholesterol levels, even VB admits that it doesn’t taste great sipped off a spoon. Her advice for drinking it daily? ‘Be brave!’

Popcorn 7/24


Our favourite cinema snack is actually a must if you are trying to shift the pounds! It’s rich in fibre and will keep your digestive system ticking along helping it to get rid of bad bacterias and preventing weight gain. Wohoo!

Watermelon 8/24


This tropical fruit is full of antioxidants and has a high water content, which helps to fill you up! Thanks to its sweet taste, it also feels like a bit of a treat, too.

Sweet potato 9/24

Sweet potato

These spuds are packed full of fibre and vitamin A, meaning they keep you fuller for longer. Also, the sweet taste means you won’t need to top with butter.

Cinnamon 10/24


Add some flavour to your favourite hot drinks, smoothies and porridge with sweet cinnamon and you’ll soon shift the pounds. This clever spice helps to move glucose into your cells faster, meaning they are less likely to be stored as fat.

Dark chocolate 11/24

Dark chocolate

Believe it or not, eating (dark) chocolate can actually help you lose weight! Dark chocolate with high cacao content helps the body synthesise fatty acids and has been proven to lower blood pressure, if eaten in small doses!

Avocado 12/24


We love, love LOVE avocados, so the news that it’s also a great fat-burner is music to our ears! Delicious in a salad or in a homemade dip, we never tire of this versatile food.

Oranges 13/24


Oranges help your body to burn fat faster due to its high vitamin C content. Eat them on their own as a snack, or try juicing with ginger for a fat-busting energizing drink.

Yoghurt 14/24


Yoghurt, in smaller does, is a great fat burner as it reduces cortisol, the stress hormone associated with weight gain.

Chilli 15/24


Chilli contains a chemical that boosts your body’s ability to burn fat. Add some heat to your evening meal with a sprinkle of fresh chilli. It also suppresses your appetite, so you’re less likely to snack.

Broccoli 16/24


Meet your veggie best friend! Broccoli is low in fat AND calories, while remaining high in fibre, which keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Grapefruit 17/24


Try half a grapefruit for breakfast each morning to detoxify and cleanse your system.

Coffee 18/24


That morning coffee could help you lose weight! Caffeine kick starts your metabolism, so you can drink a cup each morning, guilt free! Just go easy on the sugar and full fat milk…

Ginger 19/24


The ginger root is a powerful fat burner! Add ginger and lemon to hot water and drink first thing to get your metabolism going.

Green tea 20/24

Green tea

Super healthy green tea is not only fab at boosting your health and immunity, it also boosts your metabolism, meaning you burn calories quicker. Switch your usual brew for a cup of this and you’ll soon see the difference to your waistline.

Lentils 21/24


Many women suffer from an iron deficiency, which may be to blame for extra weight as a lack of nutrients can slow down your metabolism. Lentils are rich in iron, so add some into your salad for a nutritious (and fat-burning!) boost.

Prawns 22/24


Low fat and low cal, prawns are the perfect weight loss food. Add some chilli to yours and eat with fresh veg for a fat-burning evening meal.

Almonds 23/24


Try swapping mid-afternoon bar of chocolate for a handful of almonds and see the difference it makes to your waistline! Almonds make great snacks as they are packed full of B vitamins, which help to reduce sugar cravings.

Salmon 24/24


Eating oily fish can help boost your metabolism as well as stimulating the production of leptin, a hormone that helps to keep your hunger levels in check. We’ll be whipping up a salmon stir-fry, pronto!

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