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The easy diet trick Linda Robson used to lose two-and-a-half stone

 There’s no denying that, at 60 , Linda Robson is giving women half her age a run for their money. In just over a year she has shed four dress sizes to become a size 12 at just under 11 stone. But while fans are filling her with praise she’s refusing to become obsessed with the scales.

“I’ve stopped weighing myself,” she says. “But I think I’ve lost about two and a half stone. I’ve gone from a 16 to 18 dress size down to a 12 to 14.

“I’ve just turned 60 and I feel better and fitter than I did at 50. And I’m really proud!”

While actress Linda has already had success in losing weight she continuing to watch what she eats and maintains a healthy lifestyle. And, unsurprisingly her life overhaul and has won praise for her svelte figure.

During her regular appearances on Loose Women, fans flock to social media with compliments for her.

‘Linda Robson well done you,’ wrote one impressed viewer. ‘Such a trouper! Showing you are still incredibly fit!’

Another wrote, ‘Can I say Linda Robson looks absolutely amazing.’

So how did the Birds of a Feather star become as light as a feather?


Just like a lot of us, Linda started this year with one goal in mind. She shared a video on social media of her post-exercise, adding, “Just did a really hard workout @barryslondon keeping up my New Year’s resolution, eat healthy no sugar and exercise as often as I can, 2018 going to get as fit as I can.”

When it comes to her diet, a couple of small changes have helped Linda shed the pounds: cutting out sugar, reducing her carb intake and quitting alcohol. And it seems her new eating and exercise regime has done the trick, as Linda also reveals her taste buds have even changed.

She says, “It’s much easier now. My husband made me a risotto the other day and he put a glass of wine in it and I couldn’t eat it. It tasted too much of the wine.”

But, refreshingly, Linda isn’t being too strict with herself and confesses she’s got ‘11 bottles of wine’, which she’ll tuck into once her sugar ban is over.


Of course, weight loss is also down to eating the right foods and Linda’s had friend and Birds of a Feather co-star Pauline Quirke on hand to get to grips with healthy living. “Pauline and I are healthy eaters now,” Linda explains. “We’ve both completely changed our diets. But while Pauline has always liked fish, I’ve had to make myself like it.

“I never have any fried food now, I don’t eat red meat and I have loads of vegetables. My only downfall is bread, which I love.”

Ok so we didn’t win but our team did us proud @loosewomen fab make up @donnamaymakeup Lee dinn beautiful dresses @mothershoppers and we loved our @officialntas with my beautiful friends better luck next year well done this morning

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You’re looking great, Linda. Keep up the good work!

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